14th, 15th and 16th October 2016


Accredited Messenger for the Divine

Usa and Excalibur are the Accredited Messengers for Akasha and Asun and their Dispensation of the Rose Pink Ray to the Earth, and through which all other Dispensations of the Great Host of Light communicate. In all the days forward now, the knowledge and messages being transmitted are ever more swift, advanced and dynamic.

Excalibur was invited to The I AM Family of Light Event in October 2009 as Accredited Messenger #2 for the Great Host of Light and has faithfully returned each year.


Messenger # 2 – The Radiant Rose Academy

Excalibur is the accredited Messenger #2 for the Ascended Masters, Akasha and Asun. In Excalibur’s last three embodiments he has been over-lighted by Asun in preparation for this lifetime and since July 2008, Excalibur has been personally trained by Asun for the role as Messenger #2.

Excalibur’s humble ability to transmit the loving messages and radiance of the Ascended Host, touches our hearts deeply and opens the way for everyone to receive the higher knowledge, gaining greater personal and spiritual empowerment.

AKASHA is the Supreme Divine Mother of the Universe.

She is also the Great Central Sun’s Chohan of the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love, Will and Grace and as the Divine Will of the Infinite I AM Presence, Her authority extends over ALL other Flames that come from The Great Central Sun, from the Sacred White Fire Flame itself.

ASUN is Emissary to The Christ and is the Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination.