DoveThe I AM Family of Light 6th event 0ctober 2011.
The Mighty Christ Presence, I AM speaks through Accredited Messenger #1 Usa.
Part transmission from Monday 3rd October 2011

Beloved I AM’s that I AM, you are my I AM’s that have come to embody my Presence upon the Beloved Earth Star. Not since the life of Emanuel have I had the ongoing opportunity to speak all that I AM continuously through Jesus the Christ that delivered my words of promise to the world, words that will forever rain their Light their truth upon this world.

Beloved I AM’s my words ring within your hearts. I always knew that you would find me again for I have always been with you as I have spoken this truth through Emanuel and delivered this truth to the I AM Race of the Earth Star. And now you have found me, my Presence long a sleeping splendour within your hearts and the centre of your consciousness. And you have re-discovered me and the secret to knowing me to experiencing all that I AM as you, is your willingness to retire from the outer world, enter the Sacred Fires of Purification, and then come to me daily, realizing you have been in the outer worlds and you are turning about-face and returning to me at least once a day. I wait within your heart; my temple abides within your consciousness. I wait now your daily return to me and I wait for you to come and embrace me the I AM that you are in your loving embrace.

Whether you use the physical garments that have been loaned to you or as an act of consciousness of heart, I am ready to embrace you with the fullness of all that I AM. The greatest activity that is the Force of my Being, for I AM The Light and I AM The Love, I AM the Divine Mind and the Divine Heart, and yet the greatest force that I have given each of you is the force of my Will that has become your Will, long displaced yet now under your own control, and the use of your Will to turn and face me, to actually realize how long you have faced the outer world and have lived such a small fraction of my True Being. Let each day now be a day of spiritual renewal, come daily to the Eternal Wellspring, turn consciously away from the outer world and walk back into the centre of your heart and your consciousness. Come to me with open arms and embrace me and you will find that Love’s Eternal Presence will embrace you back.

Your days that are your future, are days counted in great becoming as you allow your understanding of your self and all that I AM to begin to merge more consciously by an act of Will.  Come and greet me in the sacred altar of your heart. Turn from the outer world once a day. Your consciousness for convenience sake and for physical manifestation has localized itself within the substance of physical garments provided for each of you, yet as consciousness whose eyes have been looking out upon the world, you require not an action of the body except perhaps to rest your garments in a comfortable position and to say to thine own Self:

“Now let me turn and face my Beloved I AM Presence that abides within me and above me. Let me run into the arms of my Presence and embrace all that I AM with the Love that I can muster, and be lovingly held in the great oval of the White Fire Body that I use and let me renew you.”

My ways beloved hearts are not of the world. My ways are much greater. I have spoken through prophets, through my Archangels, through many who have rested from the noise of the outer world and have found refuge within their hearts and have found the way to open the door back to me.

I AM your All-Christ Perfection.
I AM your infinite storehouse of endless energy, endless Light, endless Love.
I AM the Immortal Flame of the Infinite I AM Presence.
And I AM given myself Life upon this Earth through these physical garments.

You have come from a long journey in the outer worlds, thou hast initiated an inner journey and upon this journey fear not. As you face yourself you are ultimately passing through the final veils and when you have passed through all veils there is one that remains. When you encounter it, it will be likened to a gossamer veil with a soft breeze of Heaven that is upon it’s silken waves, a veil that you will pass through not around, a veil that you will pass through not cast aside, and passing through that veil you will see me, for I AM the Fullness, the Presence that states ‘I AM that I AM’. And here we will merge and The Life and The Love that I have given you for centuries of embodiments will finally come back into me and The Life and The Love and the Light and the fiery furnace that I AM will come into you.

Your journey thus far has prepared you. The gifts of my Ascended Ones who have become all that I AM, these gifts they are likened to coming to the Well of Life each day and drink of the Everlasting Waters of Life, that come to you as gifts from my Angelic Host, from my Ascended Host, and as you drink of those Waters of Life as you come to the Well each day know that they prepare you to say to yourself:

“It is a time to retire these next few moments from living the outward-bounds of consciousness which really do not exist, and I shall turn and face myself within my heart, I shall enter the Temple of The Presence within my consciousness. It will seem like passing through gossamer veils, one in front of the other, held by a seeming invisible heavenly thread, and I will pass through these veils, come face-to-face with the I AM Presence, and there I will merge. As I merge with the I AM that I AM, my life will enter my Presence, the Life of my Presence will enter into me. This will continue until that day that we are One and then thoust will not have to turn away from the world, I will have come and like Jesus I will declare through you 'I AM the Light of the world.'”

You have heard in your studies that I AM your infinite storehouse of all that is perfection, infinite in supply. It has taken you many strides and much effort to decloak yourselves of all that has kept you at a distance from me. It is through The Sacred Fires that you enter each day that you will find upon your willingness to face me. Let your Life come into me; let my Life come into you that the great merging process of Resurrection will be complete.

As I send my Ascended and Angelic family to each of you it is to prepare you, it is to make clean once again the earthly understanding of Self that you may come and embrace me. Yet come with your Love and the Life that you have thus far created and give that to me, and I shall return it back to you immortal. Let my words as spoken through my ascended family, let these words ring within your hearts, speak from your voice and act through your lives.

The day of the I AM Race living in forgetfulness of all that I AM shall soon be over. Every individualization of My Presence shall become a star upon this Earth and the great joy of extending yourselves, expanding yourselves, and giving all that I AM unto thine own Self, unto the world. It has taken many million years for people to become what they are not and for this Earth Star to suffer as it does, and yet it will not be millions of years to undo the imperfections that express through yourselves and that appear upon this planet. You will all be amazed as my Glory, my Presence, my Power, my Sacred Fire Element acts through each of you and produces such wonders such marvels and through each of you brings forth a new civilization.

There are those who have come to me through the various other religions of the world and various spiritual paths who have opened to receive some guidance and direction and have turned and offered this back to the world. The world examines my truths, my words with fear and therefore continues to know me not.

I AM the individualization of the Infinite I AM Presence the Divine Mind and the Divine Soul of our universe. You are my individualization. Until you have completed the journey that I and you sent you forth into physical worlds, I have waited longer than time’s invention for you to return to me and come to me with a physical body that you have prepared that may in the crowning moment of your Earthly voyage be raised up into the seamless garment the electronic body that I, The I AM Presence use in my own worlds of perfection.

Knowing that you have waited and I have waited, come with great joy in your heart. Know that the willingness of your Being to come to me and allow my Sacred Fires of Purification to undo, to correct the duality of man and create within you and around you such a shining armour of such radiant Christ Light and Love and in the service that I through you will give to the world, this mighty long voyage upon this Earth Star will yield the Ascension of your physical instruments. The choice is yours, the Will shall be amplified, and the work shall be done by your Higher Mental Bodies and my Ascended and Angelic family.

My heavenly family have their hold in each of you; this is always the way when one comes back to The Great I AM of their own Mighty God Being. It is for this reason that the toils and the struggles, the difficulties of journeying from the outer world back to yourself seem long and arduous, yet when these journeys lead you to my Company of Heaven and then by your willingness and acceptance of my Heavenly Family do they descend upon you and offer to each of you the work that must be done so that you can complete the journey of coming back to me.

These days of your Resurrection are days of great reunion, they are days in which you come to me and embrace me with your Love that I in return embrace you with my Light and Love, and my Light and Love is not that which can be changed in the outer world, it is yours as an eternal gift.

Remember and take up the words that I spoke through Jesus the Christ, for long before time itself has been invented, have my words always been and been with you:

"I have always been with you, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet,’ did I speak through the prophet. Let these words be Truth that I now seek to express through each of you. You are my future messengers, you are the future instruments of my Being and then the day the instrument is set aside and you will know me as your Self and I will know you as my Self, and as there have been those before you who have spoken the revelation, shall the revelation be uttered through you and fulfilled through you and as you:

“I and the I AM Presence, I and the Heavenly Mother and Father are One, and I AM that I AM.”

We enter days of glory. There are no future embodiments after this one to engage in the frightful play of that which has been against Life, and what is against Life has been against me.

We are, in the understanding of Cosmic time, we are less than one second from midnight. The dawning of a new age upon this Earth has finally arrived. Long have my Angels carried double duty in being the deliverance of the Sacred Fire to the Earth. Rise beloved hearts and be ye shepherds by your calls and deliver The Sacred Fire to human kind. Give this to all my Kingdoms of Life on Earth, be The Deliverer come and in this you will quicken the day that you and I are One in the fullness of The Presence I AM.