Akasha, Asun, Director Logos, Goddess Athena

Mother Akasha

In 37,000 years ago I came to this planet unknown and unmarked by the people of Earth, to a territory in ancient Greece that was made invisible by the powers on High, an area called Delphi, an area that was held invisible. (…) And so, anyone who came to Delphi, which was all of you, we had to find ways of getting you born into Delphi. For 12,000 years you came to Delphi, you had your first re-introduction to the spiritual hierarchy of mostly to the Mother’s Presence. (Mother Akasha - 2016 The Ascended Masters Conclave - the Mother’s Presence is Mother Akasha, who is the Universal Soul, the Heart of the Mother’s Presence)

‘As I have promised many, I am whispering to many people in the world that are ready for wonderful new journey in their lives. I’m whispering to them, their time too is coming. And the places that we travel to throughout Canada, throughout United States of America, and over here. With students in rooms from anywhere from a 100 to 500. And you’re all the same, you’re brothers and sisters in this wonderful journey of awakening. Your awakening is a choice, it is a Covenant. And for not much longer do I continue to ask you to have faith. Have faith in things that you cannot remember, but we can remember them for you.’ (Mother Akasha – 2015 The I AM Family of Light)

Lord Asun

‘Oneness is something to be experienced, it is precious and you cannot experience the fullness of life through the Christ alone, the fullness, the Christ is the mind of God, and for the Christ to fulfil itself it must have the Heart of God, it must have the Love of God and that is your Soul, and your Soul is the Door to Everything. It is your source of genius.’ (Asun - 2015 The I AM Family of Light)

Director Logos

‘So, dear hearts I say to you this moment in exactly same manner as you step into a stream of water and absorb the qualities, the gifts and blessings that water is carrying, so too, will each of you step into the stream, into the River of Mother Akasha’s Knowingness, Her Vision of Love, of Will, of Ease and Grace acting in you, through you and as you. And so, all you face, all that comes to your attention to your awareness that requires your blessing, the blessing of your I AM Presence, you will be able to assist it with Ease and Grace.

Starting today, right here, right now in this moment in time, I initiate from all Ascended Master Retreats and most of them abide in the mountain ranges of the world, and those Ascended Master Temples in the Electronic Belt around the physical Sun, today I, the Director Logos, initiate the great outpouring of the Rainbow Rays of God from these Ascended Master Retreats and Temples into the very consciousness and homes of each of you and your loved ones.’ (Director Logos - 2016 The Ascended Masters Conclave, UK)

Goddess Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

She is one of the Immortals, below the Immortal Aphrodite speaks on the Consciousness of Immortality that each Immortal Being is:

‘I Aphrodite like Apollo, my brother who was the first Sun God of your Physical Sun, my brother Apollo, grandfather to the Great God Helios your present God parent of your Physical Sun, we come and our powers are infinite, and what I wish to achieve for each of you with the understanding that you can grasp. we Immortals, the Wisdom and the Great Love of the Mother’s Presence is without end in creating us the 1,000 Immortal Beings, and creating us in that way, in which we can say to you that each of us, all of us from Poseidon to Athena, from Zeus and onwards we are all the Consciousness of Immortality.’ (TheImmortalAphrodite - 2013 The Immortals Series)


Master Germain, Lady Nada, Lord Melchizedek, Queen of Light, Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Master Kuthumi, Lady Leto, Mighty Victory, Goddess of Venus, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara,  Mighty Helios, Lord Chananda, Quan Yin, the Goddess of Purity, El Morya, and Master Hilarion.

Master Germain

‘I’ is the name of God, is the name of my God Self.

And that God Self is coming forth through me now in greater measure, and It is a Presence of Perfection that is acting in every area of my life.

NOW would you like something that brings this into experience a little more quickly? Do you really desire it? Then stop owning anything in your world.

Mighty I AM within me and above, this body belongs to you, this entire earthly embodiment belongs to you, Mighty I AM what I call my world, my work, my career, my supply, my relationships all of it belongs to You.

That’s the first part and that leads to the second part:

I now give every activity of my life a Higher Purpose and that includes the seaming problems, that includes the seeming challenges, and limitations, seeming limiting experiences. Yes, I give this thing that is acting up in my body, I give it a higher purpose.

Because you can’t give anything in your life a higher purpose without your Higher Mental Body being aware of it and the moment you do, it changes things, you are basically through your Higher Discerning Intelligence, you are giving the hierarchy of your own God Being permission to come forth and be the new Presence that is acting.’ (Saint Germain - Alchemy Class May 2017)

Lady Nada

‘And so, you see precious hearts, this is quite a journey, because your resurrection, you yourself teaching you how to be the fulfilment of Jesus Christ’s prophecies means you must have the greater Love, you must have Love’s Presence as the powerhouse that’s going to help you to accomplish this. And that Love can only come from the Mother’s Presence [Mother Akasha], and those who have gone on to live in the Ascended Master Realms who are the Ascended Master Ladies: Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, the Princess Mary Magdalene, Beloved Mother Vesta, Beloved Lady Nada, all the Goddesses. They are all standing in for the journey that is before you. My responsibility is to show you, is to teach you, is to guide you and to provide you enough intervention from on high that each of you can journey to the centre of your consciousness.’ (Mother Akasha – 2015 The I AM Family of Light)

‘You were here on the Earth when Lady Nada was here, you followed her. So, in all of these life times you have been readying yourselves and it’s the life time that you have been dying to live. And it is the last time that you will die and if you will allow the human sense of self to die and allow the emergence of the Christ sense of self, your likelihood of your physical body going through the change called death is diminished and minimalised and until it’s not even possible that that would happen.’ (Mother Akasha – 2015 The I AM Family of Light)

Lord Melchizedek

I AM All that God Is, God conceived, God manifest, in all forms of life, Infinite, Individual and Impersonal.  I AM one of the few marked as the Ancient of Days.  I AM old.  And I AM the God that oversaw the coming forth of the I AM Race to this planet almost 15 million years ago.  I AM Alpha.  I AM Omega.  I AM in manifest form All That Is.  My Twin Flame [Queen of Light] is a perfect match to me, who has already greeted you.  I have served.  I AM the inventor of all original concepts regarding the measurement of life known as time and space.  The original conceptions of time and space have been lost amongst the people and has served as an enemy rather than a servant of the people of Earth.  I AM the Power and the Glory.  I AM the Mind of God.  I AM the inbreath of the Almighty.  I AM the outbreath of the Eternal Light of the ONE.  I AM called to covenant with you.  Mother Akasha has already revealed in a previous moment that I shall return to the Earth, and that moment that is called the ‘gathering of the Prophets,’ that moment is not yet marked in your defined calendar of time, yet it is a moment that shall come.  In all that has been demonstrated by Prophets, by Christs, I AM the Instigator of God Itself.  I AM the living life that demands expression given to raise a life once again to its great liberty and freedom.  I AM the Living Flame that provides life and resurrection to those words, spoke more recently by Jesus Christ, ‘I AM the resurrection and the life’.  I come to breathe in the Mind of God into the mental body of each of you, to assist you in these days of collapsing the last of duality that is perhaps acting out in what you term your daily consciousness.  My Name demands that God be revealed, that God be honoured, and that God be lived.  My Name carries vibration and force, and as I come upon you this Covenant, I Melchizedek, who has served in my own evolution, I have served as King of Kings, I have served as the King of Heaven Itself. And then have gone on to many other travels throughout our Universe.  I AM called back to your planet as (one of) many  who have achieved Great Cosmic Status in our Universe.  (Lord Melchizedek – 2017 Covenant with Akasha)

‘As some of you have come to know and study - 75,000 years ago Mother Akasha in the Great Central Sun and the Great Being that was presiding on the Father’s Throne that time known as Lord Melchizedek, aware of the pleas of the people of Earth who have lost their way, aware of the darkness that had filled too many places on the Earth, aware of the overcrowding of the people of Earth up in the Planes Bliss, because no one wished to come down and live on the surface. There had been so much war, there was no love left. And the hearts of those who lived in the world had hardly a spec of light left in them. Melchizedek and the Queen of Heaven, Mother Akasha, called upon my Mother, the Empress of Venus, and counselled with her and my Mother agreed to step in with the authority of her family and take on a guardian role for the planet Earth, and to try to find the way to save the people, to save the planet itself.’ (Sanat Kumara – 2015 The I AM Family of Light)

Queen of Light

‘In the conclaves in North America in the last couple of years much has been revealed of the Magdalenes and how an interesting trio of three Ascended Master Lady Beings from the exalted Queen of Light, to the Princess Mary Magdalene and more recently given her freedom in the ascension by the Master Jesus and the Holy Mother Mary – Mother Theresa. And these three beings from Mary Magdalene to Mother Theresa to the Queen of Light are initiating through my dispensation the rise of the Magdalenes. When this news came forth quickly many of the Ascended Family came to offer intervention, offer assistance.’ (Mother Akasha – 2015 The I AM Family of Light)

Master Jesus

‘Each of you in the last 3000 years that have prepared you for the crowning moments of your journeys to the Earth, each of you have chosen those embodiments, those centuries, those lives in which you would allow yourselves as the Eternal Rose that Mother Akasha began to speak into this evening, that each of you would allow a season of pain upon your life, pain that would reach so deep, pain that has been given only one purpose. Some of you passed this each of you chose when this season would come, for some of you it has been in other embodiments, for some of you it has been a season in this life that you have lived. For a few of you it is now, you chose the time, the purpose of that pain, regardless of what was the catalyst that has brought it about, was to make you more vulnerable than you have ever been since your visit to this Earth, to make you more vulnerable to God than you have ever, ever been. It would be best if you breathed that with Me. And if you have lived this now or in some other time, what might only be required is a few moments that are difficult that are painful and that triggers that vulnerability. You have had an unfriendly relationship with vulnerability, I understand this, and in My first and last embodiment upon your Earth, I came to know vulnerability and through My Mother and Lord Maitreya, My Teacher, I learned the difference between shutting off a vulnerability from the outer world and all that is mean in the outer world and how to turn on My vulnerability to God. In the years since My Graduation at the age of 22 to the age of 30 it is in those 8 years that experience came to Me the training the opportunity to shut off all vulnerability to the outer world the training given and graduated to turn on all and absolute vulnerability to God.’ (Jesus the Christ – 2015 Diamond Heart Conclave)

‘In this journey what is impactful about this journey that then in Jesus Ascension raised Him to serve upon the Throne of the Father for a season of time, for He had embodied the I AM Presence of the Father not only as Individualized, this would give Him Authority to fulfil every promise He made to you. But in those years what lead to this most spectacular of what I, Venus, Myself have never seen, it was the journey, the journey of Jesus seeing Himself as a humble messenger, a humble teacher, and a humble conduit in which His willingness to Love the Greater, Surrender to the Greater, a Power that He had only began to taste and drink would express through Him such Wisdom and such Miracles.’ (Goddess of Venus – 2014 Radiant Rose Conclave)

Mother Mary

May the blessings of the Eternal Rose that are found within the Great Love Flame of your Hearts find a bountiful expression in your lives. Beloved students of Life, Mary is with you now through the life stream of your messenger.

In those 90 plus days, in which I entered the Great Great Silence within the Heart Flames of Creation, it is there that I birthed each of these Gifts into their fulfilment that I might offer them to you this year. It seems I will have to use the Law of Multiplication to get to 75.

In Mother Akasha’s Tree of Life Class She extended to you MOTHER MARY’S 29TH GIFT, and that is for you to use your inner spiritual activity to allow me the opportunity to blend my Love around you. My Love is the Love of Grace that seeks to fulfil what Mother Akasha has asked each of you to accept and invoke, and that is:

“I have come to that place where a ‘new life by Grace’ begins to unfold.”

Every Mother’s Heart very naturally loves to expand Her Love around her children. It is my favourite thing to offer you these Gifts and to qualify them into the Radiance of my Love and then to enfold that Love as an expanding Love around each of you. (Mother Mary – Miracle Class September 2016)

Master Kuthumi

‘Beloved hearts, Kuthumi is with you. I am eternally grateful to Mother Akasha for inviting me to your Ascended Masters Conclave. Please, make yourself comfortable. Only for a moment shall I reminiscent for I’ve done so before of that beloved embodiment that I served as Francis. Upon reflection, it served a great lesson to me. Might it be a lesson of ease and grace to you. My life as Francis, I was a lover of Jesus the Christ. I cared not for the church so much, yet I loved the Master Jesus with all my heart. I loved children, I loved the kingdoms of life on Earth. I loved all that allowed life to exist upon the Earth. And yet even with all that outpouring of love it was not sufficient for life in my body. For I did not reserve that love for my own physical garment and did not give my physical life the nutrition and all the love that it required and so I lost that life early. I did not fulfil the Divine Plan and even though there are many who have come to love in that embodiment, it is important to know that I, Francis, did not achieve the Divine Plan that my Presence had for me.’

‘Shortly after my transition in the very short time in the Plains of Bliss was I compelled back into embodiment and this time I was relocated into the lands of India. Several embodiments later, first arriving in southern India and over a series of seven reincarnations I slowly moved my way up through India understanding the importance of the physical body and including the physical body in one’s spiritual awareness. As I continued to re-embody and did so closer to the north-east of India and up towards Nepal, Tibet and eventually given access to the wonderful Himalayan Valley and the great Himalayan Mystery School. You see precious heart, knowledge… knowledge through use and expansion of love applied in the world of substance and form begs the opportunity for the attainment of wisdom. My life … my love for Jesus, my love for life, and even the lesson I had to learn of loving my physical garment, even this was not complete. Completion, love demanding completion did earn me the opportunity to be granted access to the ancient Himalayan Mystery School and there I studied. I gained great knowledge as each of you are now, and knowledge that in my life has become wisdom. Your own lives seek a great opportunity for you to daily practice while keeping your attention upon the demands of the outer life, demands that are many, demands that are not always consciously known. What demands of us if illness befalls our physical body, what conscious awareness is life asking us, what toll will life demand upon us to be in our physical bodies, to pay attention to our physical body. What ailment will come across our physical garments solely for the purpose of making ourselves more aware of the gift of physicality and ultimately what we each keep missing, the gift of granting immortality to the physical body.’ (Master Kuthumi – 2016 The Ascended Masters Conclave)

Lady Leto

‘Reach out to Jesus or Quan Yin to blaze in through and around you, the Mighty Flames of Redemption.  To be redeemed, set free in a way that works with every activity of the Sacred Fire that ensures that any karmic debt of life times passed are placed in the Flames of Redemption and the cleansing, purifying activity of the Sacred Fire allows you, to be so present and future in your orientation with time knowing there is nothing in the past that can inhibit you. 

 As each of you, in the past or in the now, turn to the privacy in your own homes and make sure that you are on record, that you have called to Master Jesus or Quan Yin for they are the two that have the authority of the power to redeem you, the Power of Redemption.  As that Power of Redemption comes upon you and sets you free of all days in the past that you may be so present and future with the Divine Plan that your Mighty I AM has for you and because you have self-determined that upon Mother Akasha’s dispensation, that you too will play your role, you too will fulfill your purpose, not only in the divine plan that your own God Presence has for you, but you too will fulfill your duty, your role in the Ascended Masters Divine Plan for this 7th Golden Age.

 To ensure there is nothing that side lines the greater powers of Light that must now be drawn around you, I, Leto, as World Teacher, must make certain, and there is nothing wrong if you have sincerely made the call, there is nothing wrong with returning to your homes and in a private hour to reach out to Jesus and Quan Yin to ensure that your entire lives you have lived upon this earth, is lovingly held in the power, purity, the love and forgiveness in the Mighty Flames of Redemption.’  (Lady Leto – Edmonton weekend event September 2016)

Mighty Victory

‘The irresistible Love of My Cosmic Heart Will with its magnetism draw you to your eternal freedom regardless of the chains, the bonds, the limitations of the appearance world.

My Divine Love with its Law of Attraction will lift and raise you into your eternal freedom. Mother Akasha has called upon my Presence to come this day to ensure that ,which she seeks to accomplish for each of you – NOTHING LESS THAN VICTORY.

If you will allow I, Victory, to pass my Ascended Master Feeling of Absolute Invincible Victory, through your hearts, through your feeling world, through your minds and through the very cells of your physical body and give you that Ascended Master Charge which is mine to give, and which I say to you, none can take from you once it has been anchored permanently within your consciousness, and this is what I am come to do today.’ (Mighty Victory – 2015 Healing Relationship with Love)

Goddess of Venus

‘Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, grandmother of Jesus, the Empress of Venus, and your God Mother which many of you have forgotten, which is Beloved Vesta, Helios’ Twin Flame in the physical Sun, all of us together served in over lighting Yeshu Ben Joseph [Jesus] to fulfil his ministry. Even his teacher, the most strictest teacher in our Universe, Maitreya, knew that Jesus could not fulfil his destiny unless he had the power of Love that would strengthen, and strengthen and strengthen him, especially in those hours in which he was seized from the Garden of Gethsemane. (Mother Akasha – 2015 The I AM Family of Light)

‘This is your journey in these next few years, as you make yourselves as humble and as much a channel for the Greater to do Its works through you this will draw the Higher Mental Body into each of you, this will draw the I AM Presence to overshadow you on Earth where you may directly channel the Powers and the Presence and the Energies of the Presence to the world. And it is in this journey that at the end of this journey and only then as fully Resurrected Beings then will come the fireworks, then you will stand not so much as a conduit, a channel, a vessel for God to do It’s Works through you. You will become a Powerful Being not surrendering driving the force of God to the people and the Earth this is the journey of the Gods who have come to the Earth, it is your story that you have come to live and write and to this Great Attainment I offer the entire House of Venus and our Cosmic Love Supreme, every time you will remember Us take a breath We will send another Wave of our Cosmic Love Supreme to support you in this most excellent of all journey’s on Earth.  We continue to watch you and We will not let go of you. We thank you from the House of Venus.’ (Goddess of Venus – 2014 Radiant Rose Conclave)

Lord Maitreya

‘It is My Authority this day, partly due to having a meeting with Beloved Mother Akasha, Beloved Victory, the Lord Maha Chohan and all the Chohans that govern the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements, if you have not yet signed up to be a part of this [Planetary World Calls], then I ask you, you are missing out on a great deal of Intervention and Assistance that can be yours from the Beings of the Elements of nature because when you through the Activity of the Law of Life in giving your decrees and calls unto your I AM Presence, those of Us in the Ascended Master Realms who take up your calls and then release those into the areas that you have decreed those for. We deliver back unto you 60% of that energy and substance you have released through your calls and given unto Us. The Beings of the Elements the Power of Nature they see you right now, even though you see them not, they flock unto those whom love them, who call for their Purification and Illumination and for the conferring of Immortality once again upon them.’

‘Now this is very important your planet Gaia, your bodies a direct correlation to Her Body, She too has a Higher Mental Body as each of you do, it is well you do not feel Her pain, it is well your Presence protects you from that. We do not desire you to feel it, there will be activities that are known as cataclysms that do unfold in certain areas, We do everything We can that they do not happen in areas that are filled with great numbers of people some of these activities must unfold in this 7th Golden Age to bring certain purification in these areas, to clear and make brand new the space and place for what is to be lowered from the Ascended Master’s Octave. Do not fear this, you are protected, you are safe and secure in your Presence. As you stay in the stream two live decree teleconferences and every Tuesday of the month you’re not going in and out, in and out, you’re staying in and then this Path of Resurrection becomes so much easier for each of you because the momentum is carrying you, you’re not going against the Stream and then letting go and riding the Stream and then against the stream and letting go, you’re just going with it now and that momentum of its own volition will carry you upon its wings of Light into your Freedom.’ (Lord Maitreya – 2015 The Diamond Heart Conclave)

Sanat Kumara

‘I exist within your memories, I bring you greetings from Venus from my family the Kumaras and I offer you the Love of my Mother’s Heart, the Empress of Venus, the Goddess of Venus.’

‘I ask you to unite with me, to remember that you have been with me, that together we designed this 7th Golden Age that opened in your time count December 22, 2012. There are plans for this Golden Age. The numbers are small yet the numbers are enough who will become God on this planet.’ (Sanat Kumara – 2015 The I AM Family of Light)

Mighty Helios – the God Father of the Physical Sun

‘Your duty to Life is to be shepherds of the Sacred Fire purifying and cleansing this planet, the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements, and to open the way as Untouchable Christ Beings demonstrating to the mass of the people:

“I AM come! Those who see me, see the Presence. Those who see the Presence, see me. I and the Presence are one.”

It will be in Glory and Grace that your Higher Christ Self desires to express through the outer self as you continue to surrender everything in your life back to God. Thy Grace is truly my sufficiency! It is no longer an idea or decree; it has become your tangible existence.

Call on my Angels of the Golden Flames to give you the All-Christ Illumination as to what Activities of God desire to unfold in your life. These Angels are spectacular! No discord can stand the pressure of their Light. That Light will expand your inner Golden Sun’s Presence and you will naturally come and go as you are directed by your Higher Mental Body.’ (Mighty Helios – Master Class February 2016)

Lord Chananda

‘Beloved Chelas, Untouchables in training, for decades neigh centuries My Family in the House of India have preserved the Mahatma Codes of each of you the Mahatma Code your Mahatma Code or perhaps most clearly stated the Mahatma Code the Akashic Record the Divine Plan that the Individualized Presence of God has each Individualized Presence of God has in its plans to raise a physical embodiment for Itself, to release Its Mighty Presence Its Life through that physical embodiment, transcend every dimensional reality of that physical embodiment and finally bring about the Great Ascension fulfillment. The I AM Presence, the very Individualization of God that is your true identity ideally it is a wrong concept to feel that you have a Presence, the Presence is your True Self, that has not yet had the opportunity to come forth through the living biological embodiment it has been given. Rather due to the fall from Grace, the human sense of self that has unfolded for 12 million years used the Life Force of the Individualized I AM to exist in this world until it wears out a physical body, must return to the Plains of Bliss and prepare for re-embodiment and such is the wheel of Life the wheel of reincarnation.’

‘In one of your classes recently I was given the opportunity to reveal this conversation of the Mahatma Coding and to say to you that the time had come upon Intervention that They may be returned unto the Hands of the Higher Mental Body of each of you. In the weeks, since that message came forth Beloved Emmanuel and I say Emmanuel who is Jesus but He took on His Authority as Emmanuel and led groups of Angels from the Golden Shrine Galaxy, each Angel compelled, commanded, to carry one of the Golden Scrolls that has the Mahatma Code upon it. Emmanuel used His Authority and in these weeks since this announcement came forth, His Angels from the Golden Shrine Galaxy raised and delivered these Codes to Jesus Christ’s own Temple of Cosmic Light that exists in the 5th Dimension.’

‘Emmanuel has prayed over these Mahatma Codes as there has been centuries and millions of years that the Divine Plan that you as God have planned out in coming into physical embodiment has not been fulfilled. You may intellectually enquire how is it possible that part of that Code has been disrupted, that part of it has been destroyed, that part of it has been changed, so once again you are reminded that you are a free will species and if you choose or the totality of your choices leads you into the illusory experience of duality that is your will and you changed the Codes. And Jesus Emmanuel has been meditating upon them weaving His Cosmic Authority of Love, Mercy and Grace encapsulated in Grace washing away all the coding that has become malfunctioning all the coding that without intervention if allowed, if demanded that you fulfil would lead you to the second death because that is the destruction that has changed the Mahatma Code. As Emmanuel has meditated and prayed over these, He has caused all the Coding that has become scrambled you might say by your humanity instead of your Divinity He has neutralized that Coding and if you can grasp this, He has not only neutralized the Coding 12.8 million years back but He has also restored into that Coding the Divine Plan being fulfilled during all of those 12.5 million years since your fall from Grace. Your Faith that We tell you the Truth must be coupled by your acceptance, and a willingness to know that in short periods of time you will find yourself changing with very little effort, you will find yourself touch a place where dreams come true. You will come to realize by realization and then by experience that something, someone, has rewritten your history and rewritten the binary code of the Mahatma Code as if during these 12 million years which is 11 more than it was supposed to take for the I AM Presence desired to stay here just a little longer. As if all those years that Presence was fulfilling Itself through all of those embodiments, everything that happened, do you realize the immensity of this?’ (Lord Chananda – 2015 The Diamond Heart Conclave)

Quan Yin

I am Quan Yin, I am the Eternal Heart of Compassion under the authority of Jesus the Christ I am today the Flame of Redemption. I thank you for your presence, please, take your seats.

For many years as 50,000 years of preparations, preparations going on behind the scenes of humanity and very few really aware of the preparations. A few knowing that there are extraordinary individuals who have come to the Earth, like the Buddha, like the Lord Maitreya, like Jesus the Christ, like the Mighty Saint Germain and what we have all longed for the return of the Mother’s Presence, Mother Akasha. Fifty thousand years without much cooperation from the people of Earth. Extraordinary individuals, some who have come from the stars, some who have come from the greater dimensions of life on Earth, come to begin the great uncovering to lift from each of you through a seasons of life times, to lift up and away from you what has hardened the heart, what has limited the experience of consciousness. The introduction to some people on Earth the ancient knowledge of the Sacred Fire of the Heart Flames of Creation of the Great Great Silence, such mighty and majestic powers of our Universe, to teach… and once there are some citizens upon the Earth that will accept what we are teaching begin to use in their daily lives what we teach them of, have faith and trust that there are mighty hidden sources of heavenly treasures. We have a responsibility to teach you once again, to help you to remember those treasures that you might begin in thoughtful prayer, in artful decree to begin to call to some of us that you have met. That we are given the opportunity to respond to your wonderful use of free will and provide to you the blessings we love to teach you about. (Quan Yin – 2016 The Ascended Masters Conclave)

The Goddess of Purity

‘As your new Ascended Master Elect (for 2017), it is my responsibility to observe the current affairs of the people of Earth and to determine where I would most like to help. The days are early, yet the Cosmic hour has struck for the Earth cleanse. With your support and willingness to commune with us and demand us to release new Dispensations, then the hour in which Cosmic cleansing of the Earth will be nothing like the catastrophic conditions in the past. I am confident that with your help and with the help of students around the world who take the time once a day and do their part in calling forth the Release of new Dispensations, that we will be able to work.’ (Goddess of Purity – Master Class January 2017) link to the Calls for the Release of New Dispensations - )

El Morya

‘My Beloved Mighty I Am Presence,  through you I greet Arthur who was the power to restore the hermetically sealed Sword Excalibur, because he had the knowledge of the electronic patterns,  he had the key – and I turn to you, King Arthur,  I turn to you El Morya,  you are the same being,  and I acknowledge that at one time you anchored the Electronic Pattern of the Sword Excalibur within my Golden Christ Flame to release Its radiance through the chest cavity and rising right into the throat centre to give me the Voice of Command.   And I call upon you, El Morya, come with your Angels and STRENGTHEN, INTENSIFY the Electronic Pattern of the Sword Excalibur that it may begin to do its perfect work within me now.’

To those of you, precious hearts, who are just hearing of this activity, to those of you who are beloved new students in Akasha’s Academy,  I say to you: 

put your attention on your Presence,  then place your attention on my name,  I AM El Morya,  I Am also known as Arthur,  and call upon me to anchor into the centre of the chest cavity,  into your All Christ Golden Christ Flame,  to anchor the Electronic Pattern of my Sword Excalibur – and to strengthen that pattern and see that it rises right into my throat centre, releasing the power of Excalibur,  the power of command,  through my throat centre,  and my voice box,  giving me the voice of God,  and the authority behind that voice (Master El Morya - Tree of Life Class -May 2012)

Master Hilarion

‘I have been an Ascended Master for many, many centuries, it is my disposition to be a Master of international community. I have a love of human excellence and genius and divine creative in all forms of advocacy, invention and what will make your world a better place. I have done this for centuries of time, using the ancient art of over lighting, in which an Ascended Being is given the opportunity to pass their Cosmic Light Substance through the mind of an individual, through the heart and to breathe a wave of creativity, that will assist that individual in bringing forth the purpose of their life actualised. From inventors to artists, composers, technicians, literaturists, those in fields of medicine and on and on, I have been a silent force seeking to over light those, who have showed promise in centuries past.’ (Master Hilarion – 2015 Resurrection Conclave)