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The I AM Family of Light and The Radiant Rose Academy


‘The Ascended Masters Conclave’ United Kingdom  

9th, 10th & 11th October 2020



I would like to begin this email with a message from Beloved Mother Akasha: 

“Beloved Rose Hearts, it is I, Mother Akasha, who greets you this day. I am delighted to announce that once again, I will present the Akasha Grand Council of the Ascended Host at the next Ascended Masters Conclave - United Kingdom, in October 2020. Due to an injury Beloved Christarose of ‘The I AM Family of Light’ sustained last October, it is important that she have this year to completely heal and recover. 

Therefore, this Annual Sacred Event, presented by ‘The I AM Family of Light’ is postponed this year and will take place in October 2020.

We have wonderful presentations planned from some of the Ascended Host, who are listed below and we remain committed to assisting your Great Awakening and Resurrection, up and out of all limitation.

I honour and love your Divinity and remain committed to assisting you in your own Personal and Spiritual Empowerment.” 


The Overseers of the entire Council are:

Mother Akasha

Lord Asun

Goddess Athena

the Director Logos

 The Permanent Members include:

Great Germain

Lady Nada

Lord Melchizedek

Queen of Light

Master Jesus

Mother Mary

Master Kuthumi

Lady Leto

Mighty Victory

Goddess of Venus

Lord Maitreya

Sanat Kumara

Mighty Helios

 The non-permanent Members for the 2020 Council include:

 Princess Mary Magdalene

The Lord Buddha

Beloved Goddess Rose

Mother Meta, Cave of Light, India,

Messenger from the Secret Love Star

It is my heart’s desire to continue offering The I AM Family of Light® Sacred Events as the platform for the ‘Ascended Masters Conclave’ here in the United Kingdom. 

Thank you to all of you, who throughout the years since 2006 have attended these UK Sacred Events, thus gaining their spiritual growth year after year. The Ascended and Angelic Host and Great Cosmic Beings’ messages and instructions have made such a huge impact upon each one’s life for which I know we are all very grateful.

I will keep this email short and suggest to please check the website from time to time over these next months, to ensure being informed regarding new information and updates relating to next year’s Conclave.

Please bear with us as this website is currently still being updated:

Finally, a big thank you to all who have offered me their support and heart-warming messages after the unfortunate injury sustained last October.

Sending you Love from my Heart,

Christarose with the Volunteer Team