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Spring Newsletter 2018

We are ever grateful to all of you who travel each year to the United Kingdom for The Ascended Masters Conclave and by your very presence stay aligned with this Sacred Event and part of the greater Divine plan for planet Earth and all humanity. How blessed we are.

Last year the awareness of the ‘Akasha Grand Council’ was restored into our consciousness and Their plans to assist people of the Earth and how we can consciously be an open door for the Divine intervention they offer each of us into our lives and world. Awareness of why we are here on Earth, and why there are Ascended Masters, Angels, Great Cosmic Beings coming into contact with us, calling to us to be Their outpost on the Earth, is very clear.

Every moment the Ascended and Angelic Host and Great Cosmic Beings are encouraging us to realise that we are as important to the Divine Plan as They are. The Divine Plan was devised to awaken humanity and to guide and restore humanity back to the original state of being, that the planet and her people once were millions of years ago, and to save all Kingdoms of Life on Earth and the Earth itself. The preparations for this Divine Plan took 70,000 years and now the Plan is unfolding with the participation of the awakening part of the human race.

By each of us growing on our path and developing ourselves, using the gifts, realisations, knowledge and Blessings given to us by the Great Host of Light, that come to be with us at our Sacred Events, we are becoming the instruments for the Greater.

The path of the awakened honours all peoples from all spiritual paths and from all walks of life. We invite everyone to say ‘Yes’ and come to the 2018 Ascended Masters Conclave, an open door for many Ascended Masters, Angels and Cosmic Beings who, under the authority of Mother Akasha, welcome us to co-create this Sacred Event.

We look forward to being together again with great expectations, knowing that we can and we are making a difference in the world. This is the year of manifestation and ‘Heaven’ and ‘Earth’ are moving forward working together to bring the 7th Golden Crystal Age a reality.

May the blessings of Life and the LOVE of the Mother’s Presence find great abundance and manifestation in your lives.

Christarose and the UK Conclave Team

Below are details regarding the 2018 UK Conclave


The I AM Family of Light®


The Ascended Masters Conclave’

with the

Akasha Grand Council

Friday 12th Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October 2018

The Ashford International Hotel, Ashford, Kent, England


Once again, Mother Akasha presents the Akasha Grand Council at the Ascended Masters Conclave in Kent, UK. Akasha created the Council to oversee the Divine Plan for this Golden Age and ensure Victory.

The Council consists of 22 Masters. Four are Overseers, Eighteen are Council Members, of which thirteen are permanent, and five are rotating non-permanent Members. The Council consists of Ascended Masters and Great Cosmic Beings, each offering their Expertise, Guidance, and Powers of Intervention for the fulfilment of the new Golden Age that has now begun.

The Permanent Members include: Great Germain, Lady Nada, Lord Melchizedek, Queen of Light, Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Master Kuthumi, Lady Leto, Mighty Victory, Goddess of Venus, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, and Mighty Helios.

The non-permanent Members for this Council include: Ascended Queen Victoria, the Goddess of Music, the Arceus, Lord Buddha, and the Ascended Master Youth.

The Overseers of the entire Council are Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, Goddess Athena, and the Director Logos.

For the second time, Mother Akasha has invited the entire Grand Council for this Seventh Golden Age to speak at the Ascended Masters Conclave in Kent, England.

24 Ascended Master Transmissions will take place throughout the 3-Day Conclave.

The Masters will speak into:

  • The Resurrection into our Higher Christ Consciousness

  • The Path of Initiations that are before us now

  • How our God Self actualises Its Presence in us

  • Sacred Meditations for God Demonstrations

  • How the little ‘i’ lessens in the Presence of the Great ‘I AM’

  • The Coming Untouchables will Shield the people with Christ Light

  • The noisy human mind settles down in the Great Great Silence

  • Permeation of your daily Consciousness with Substance of your Divinity

  • Masters Divine Plan to ensure the actualization of your True Self

  • Silencing the little ‘i’ that creates all the problems

  • Release of Dispensations for the Powers of Nature during Earth changes/cleansing

  • Venus is stepping up Divine Intervention now

  • Their Plans to make Contact with Individuals and Scientists on Earth

  • The Initiation: ‘What does God mean to you?’

  • Sacred Attunements to Music of the Higher Spheres

  • Source Attunements to Sacred Geometries of the Arceus

We look forward to welcoming you in October!