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AUGUST Newsletter 2018

Welcome to “The Ascended Masters Conclave” Kent, United Kingdom.

Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October 2018.


For many years the Ascended Host have given confirmation that the Conclaves are such an important part of our spiritual journey, each Conclave building on all levels with great Gifts and Blessings.

This year, being the year of initiations that are no longer lessons for us to learn, we are encouraged to enter initiations by allowing them to be an Act of Grace.

We have been reminded recently that Grace does not require reason and therefore is not something we have to work for. It is simply given.

So, by the Grace of the Mother’s Presence - Mother Akasha invites all members of ‘The Akasha Grand Council’ to be with us at ‘The Ascended Masters Conclave’.

Mother Akasha revealed a few days ago that there will be Great Activations offered during this October UK Sacred weekend:

Beloved Jesus will offer A Healing Activation, An Empowerment Potential Activation, and An Abundance Activation!
Mother Akasha will activate the Magnetic and Electronic Presence of the Akashic Field around everyone!
Beloved Asun will align with every Attendee and Commune with the Grand Cosmic Being that resides within our Consciousness and Elevate Its Presence in us!

During the recent Radiant Rose Academy - Diamond Heart Conclave held in Montreal, Master Jesus declared:

“I come to you as ‘Christ the Redeemer’ to redeem each of you of all obstacles on your Path of Resurrection. I ask if you accept me as ‘Christ the Redeemer’?

As ‘Christ the Redeemer,’ I say that the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible is no more and is therefore set aside by My Authority.

Now I say to you that ‘ I AM the New Book of Revelations’. Your path must be quickened, therefore Mother Akasha has begun new revelations and I shall quicken those revelations.”


Every truth and every revelation given by the Ascended and Angelic Host is real and are Crystal Cups that enter into the consciousness and substance of our mental, feeling and physical bodies, so that our God Presence and Its Grace may actualise them and fulfil them through our lives.

Please visit our website: for all information including how to make your entry ticket booking and also your hotel room accommodation.

PLEASE NOTE: Regarding detailed information that has been on our website since last year and also found in the 2018 flyer, may we remind everyone that our venue, the Ashford International Hotel, offers a discounted bedroom rate for Conclave attendees, including a Saturday Night Celebration meal. Last year this proved to be a great success and was much appreciated by attendees.

However this group rate is ONLY obtained by booking directly through the Ashford hotel and finishes on 6th September 2018, and availability is on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

After the above date expires, full hotel bedroom prices resume and therefore does not include being included in the group Saturday Night Celebration meal list. Of course food will be available elsewhere in the hotel, but only those people who have booked directly through the Hotel and therefore on their list, will be allowed to join the actual Celebration meal itself. Thank you for your understanding.

To make your hotel room reservation please call the Ashford International Hotel directly on: +44 (0) 1233 21 99 88 or 44(0) 845 074 0060. Follow options and quote reference ‘The I AM Family of Light.’

We look forward to welcoming you in October and may the Blessings of Life and the LOVE of the Mother’s Presence find great abundance and manifestation in each of your lives.

Christarose and the UK Conclave Team