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We have been so very blessed indeed by the Great Interventions and Blessings that came by the Authority of the Akasha Grand Council at the Ascended Masters Conclave hosted by The I AM Family of Light in the United Kingdom recently.

All 22 Members of the Akasha Grand Council spoke, offering Their Gifts beyond anyone's expectations, as well as instruction and assistance regarding the greatest onrush of Light from the physical Sun and the Ascended Masters Octave, that occurred on Wednesday 11th October 2017, to ensure everyone would be prepared to receive and absorb the Light coming onto Planet Earth. This has been the greatest onrush of Light to the Earth since the first two Golden Ages!

At the Ascended Masters Conclave, Akasha announced that in some of the Radiant Rose Academy Tree of Life Classes, that She would offer these classes to the members of the Akasha Grand Council, so They could each provide us with more information on how to continue to keep receiving the Light and Cosmic Light Substance.

Beloved Athena, who is one of the Immortals and also one of the Overseers of the Akasha Grand Council, explained at the Radiant Rose Academy Tree of Life Class on 11th October 2017 that: "When there is a Cosmic Release of Light as something that is happening now, the Light will be here for many weeks in all the intensity it was given, so that you can then receive it...".

Master Jesus added in his transmission during the same class: "We did a very important thing at the Akasha Grand Council weekend.  We released from this student body the influences that you do not know are upon you from your ancestral line..." This was a Divine Intercession offering the student body, by their own free will, to divorce the ancestral inheritance and align with the Divine Inheritance, so that their lives are no longer impaired by the influences of inheriting parents mistakes, beliefs etc. This was done for all.

Blessed Goddess of Venus flooded all gathered at the UK Conclave and every one of Mother Akashas children, with her Cosmic Love Supreme, that prepares us to open and receive even greater Love from the Heavenly Mothers Presence in the Great Central Sun.

"May you love Me more for what I come to do for you today.  I come to do something you know not of" said Beloved Lord Maitreya at The Ascended Masters Conclave before announcing that He was about to create a tear, and reach in and remove the tree of knowledge of good and evil from our consciousness. 

With deep gratitude we send our Love from out of our Heart Flame to Beloved Akasha and Asun, the Akasha Grand Council and all the Ascended and Angelic Host for the Great Interventions that we received by Grace. So we remember the Great Truth, that the Mothers Presence is HERE and we are to honour and be an open door for the return of the Mothers Presence to this Earth.

The Mothers Presence is the Greatest Love of All and has been missing from this planet for so very long.

Mother Akasha created the Akasha Grand Council and has a Divine Plan within the Divine Plan for this 7th Golden Age, to assist everyone who desires to quicken their awakening, know their Divine Purpose for this lifetime and align their Divine Plan with the Divine Plan for this 7th Golden Age.

This Mission embraces everyone and welcomes everyone from all spiritual paths and all walks of life and it is complete and involves every activity of life.

We welcome you to be part of this Grand Mission. If you desire to purchase a download of the 2017 Ascended Masters Conclave recording, please click here.

May you be blessed for eternity by the Love of the Mother’s Presence.
Christarose and the UK Conclave Team  


The I AM Family of Light website has now been updated and we are currently receiving ticket entry bookings for the next UK Conclave in October 2018.

We have an Early bird offer of £310 that closes on the 20th November 2017. Full ticket price of £360 resumes thereafter.

Our venue hotel, the Ashford International will soon be available to take your accommodation bookings. Please keep checking our site for further information.

We strongly recommend visiting the Radiant Rose Academy’s magnificent website.