DoveFeedback 2016

G’Day Christarose,

We immensely enjoyed our weekend with you, your Team, and the Students. You all produced a First Class Conclave, and what a wonderful Conclave it was. So many Students came up to Excalibur telling us they could feel the shift and difference it made in their lives. Thank you for leading a wonderful volunteer team.

The I AM Family of Light hosted their first Conclave with exceptional ease, grace, and excellence. Omashar shared with me that having Alexander with him helped him greatly and together they were able to fine-tune technical stuff pertaining to the music and the recordings. Clearly a must that we now bring Alexander with us each year.

Thank you so much a million times a million, huge gratitude to you Dear Sister. Stay in touch…

Oceans of love,

Usa from Canada

Beloved Christarose,

I unite with Usa and Excalibur in pouring our eternal love and gratitude to you and your team of volunteers for such a tremendous Ascended Master Success in bringing forth such an outstanding event at every level!!

It was indeed an extraordinary experience to see and witness all that unfolded throughout the weekend and the magnificent outpouring of Ascended Master Blessings and great heart opening that took place.

Thank you for holding the fort and carrying the Torch of Mother Akasha's Dispensation upon the Lands of Mother England and Europe for so many years in spite of all outer appearances! 

Your steadfastness and determination have been graciously and victoriously crowned by our Heavenly Mother with this magnificent annual Ascended Masters Conclave!!! Congratulations!!!

Let us all work together to ensure that this Legacy from the Heart of the Great Central Sun carry its fruits of Destiny Divine to all the lands and people of Europe, through the Rose Heart of Kent and all its Ancient Magic!!! Oceans of love precious heart.

Shilo from America

PERFECTION!!!  I am so Grateful!

Elegance!! Beauty!! Warm Welcome!! Felt so safe in my first trip overseas!! So perfectly organized! I bow before your Excellence in each detail. I have learned so much!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the gracious hospitality and for taking such wonderful care of my sister Kathleen. It has been an honour to attend.

I AM So Grateful x 3 x 10,000!!! 

Much Love from my Heart Flame to Yours!!!

Leanne from Canada

A wonderful Conclave. Well organized. A Blessing and a privilege to be present.

So beautiful a stage – such hard work and effort went into making the Temple special!  Thank you.

Denise from South Africa

This was the first time I had attended such an event. I felt really privileged to be there and full of wonder and amazement at what I encountered. At one point I was overwhelmed with the Love and healing I felt from Mother Mary and I have continued to experience a strength and calmness.

The food at the hotel was wonderful! I particularly like the colour and variety and my personal preference is for vegetarian food.

Love Ruth from England

Beloved Christarose,

Firstly let me express my love and gratitude for your unwavering vision enabling the manifestation of this, The first UK  I AM FAMILY OF LIGHT - CONCLAVE bringing forth the most spectacular of all the events to date!

It was dynamic, it was breathtaking, and at times quite overwhelming.

If you were to ask me for a highlight, it would be difficult to single any one thing out.... but let me try.

As beloved Usa brought through Arceus Arcaseus I felt a 'whirlwind', a mini tornado of energy sweep down the centre aisle, forcing me back into my seat, so powerful was this incredible Being in words and feeling, downloading electronic patterns of sacred geometry to assist our physical garments to transmute into an electronic substance for our God selves to emerge!

The discourse with Mother Mary touched my heart so deeply I was unable to hold back the tears! It was so for many of us, because as I looked around, there was not a dry eye to be seen. It was as if every burden had been lifted, we were free, young, happy, perfections flame with the gift of a Golden Key.

The Great Avatar Lord Maitreya - surprisingly amusing! Reminding us of the law of attraction and the sacred words "I AM THE LAW OF LOVE".

Beloved Master Youth Rex brought forward such vitality, rallying us all to make greater application to experience the Grace of God acting in our lives and 'to go the distance'.

Beloved Quan Yin - with the message: "I AM ready to behold the miracle of the Great Great Silence acting in me"

Kathleen truly has a voice of an angel. Her singing was Divine!

I could go on expressing the joy and gifts of this amazing, incredible Conclave; but let me just say, you will want to experience it for yourselves ..... see you next year!!!

June - Rose from England x

What a magical weekend. I am so grateful to be here and to attend and be with an amazing family. So touched by all the details that it took to organize this event and everyone that participated in its Perfection!  I AM honoured and blessed by All

Love Grace from America

This is my 1st Conclave and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! Meeting, seeing and hearing Usa and Excalibur was most heart warming. The décor was amazingly Beautiful …….Stunning.

Good food, lovely people, powerful discourses and lots of strengthening messages.

There was so much LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, I am filled. Thank you and Bless you all Radiant Roses.

I wished we all had the opportunity to have a group picture – that would’ve been a memorable piece for us to have as a take away.

How about that for next time?

Sharon from England

WONDERFUL! Thanks to our beloved Mother AKASHA and ALL the Ascended Masters.

Jose from Spain

Dear Christarose, all the helpers – wonderful Hearts, The I AM Family of Light,

I am sending you my deepest gratitude for your dedicated service to the excellent Conclave you provided, the hundred per cent quality job by which you made our stay so pleasant and comfortable, that we had just to be fully involved into that rich and blessed material of the Masters’ transmissions.

I loved the atmosphere, the decoration, your warm acceptance of each and every one of us who needed it. I am very grateful to our very loved sister – may she forgive my ‘fault’ – I forgot her name, who comforted me.

Moreover, I had a feeling as if we already met in this lifetime, it was like seeing you all after maybe a month or so.  If I had to express it shortly, so it is: “I have arrived home”.

I am sending you lots of love and a huge hug for each and every one of you.

May the Blessings of the Mother’s Presence always enfold you in Her Rose Pink Flames of Divine Love.

I AM Ingrid from Slovakia

I could say no comment. All the details of this Conclave were perfectly in place.  The room was very very lovely and there has been much love in all. I bless you and thank you Christarose.

Joseph from France

Dear Christarose and all staff, Thank you for a Magnificent Conclave,

the first of many more. It shows what the Presence can do when people come together with a Divine Intention, in the cradle of the Spiritual Hierarchy and with Father and Mother God actively present in the same room.

The Glory and the Grace goes to you ALL that made it possible.

MUCH Love to you and naturally, see you next year!

Daniela from Italy

The announcement of this Conclave in Kent was great, but the reality and all the gifts and the discourses were much greater. Beautiful songs. The Team of Christarose and Christarose herself were very kind and helpful. The hotel and the arrangements for the Friday evening were great and nice to sit by the round tables.

Marja from the Netherlands

Dear Christarose, the first Ascended Masters Conclave was really

awesome. Thank you so much from my great God heart. The love here is so tangible and the fellowship and support too.  Amongst all the wonderful gifts and knowledge from the Masters, the beautiful purity of Kathleen’s performance and the wonderful authenticity of Omashar’s heart, I did miss the power and beauty of Beata’s performances, which each year seemed to open my heart more.  I hope she might be included again but totally understand it is Akasha’s choosing.

The food was out of this world and you and your team’s hard work, dedications to Love and Light and beautiful energies, really infuse the weekend with loveliness. Thank you!!!

Always thanks and acknowledgement to the Messengers whose dedication and application makes this all possible.

P.S. The beautiful singing by Kathleen and her male counterpart was amazingly uplifting and took my breath away – he also had such a beautiful voice.

Kate from England

What a wonderful event, both in terms of its organization and atmosphere. Well done!!! It was an amazing experience and thank you so much for welcoming me so warmly.  I felt so privileged to be able to sing for you, albeit briefly. Many thanks again.

Stephen from England


It truly was such an amazing 1st UK Ascended Masters Conclave. The energy and the love that goes into creating the place and space for the Messengers to bring through their messages are truly awe-inspiring.

The whole Team are united in their efforts to transform the ballroom into a living Temple of Light & Love that is so tangible, the energy is drawn around the whole Hotel and the staff cannot wait until we all arrive; they get excited because it changes the whole energy whilst we are there.

The Conclave lifted and raised us to another level once again. We are so grateful and blessed for all that we received and for the wider student body. The I AM Family of Light back drop came alive once again with energy, whilst the Masters came forth, so much so, that I thought  the Messengers would disappear into it!

The coming together of so many people from many far flung countries,  and some 30 minutes down the road, was a testimony that we are all one - with one Mighty purpose. That purpose being love and spreading the word of Mother Akasha’s Dispensation.

I thank Christarose and the rest of the UK team for your love and your time in helping to make this a truly remarkable weekend. With beautiful music from our Omashar and the lovely Kathleen and our surprise male singer, who was superb.

Having Shilo, Alexander and Leanne with us too was a blessing.

The Sacred Order of Magdalene awards went to my beloved spiritual sisters June-Rose and Victoria Rose. I felt so proud; Eddie and Mary receiving the Sacred Order of the Diamond Purple Heart was a delightful surprise too, after being with the Academy for 20+ years.

How beautiful it all was - tears of joy flowed from many of us.

Well people have now gone back to their homes, where ever that is and taken our love back with them.

Thank you all for helping to make the UK Conclave what it was with your support and love. IN LOVE, BY LOVE & FOR LOVE OF AKASHAS DISPENSATION TO THE EARTH.

Betty Angelina Magdalena Rose from England (One of the UK team).

A truly amazing, mind blowing, life changing experience! Extremely well organized, plenty of food, tea, coffee and water. I had such a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back next year. Thank you Christarose  xx

Terina from England

Bless you dearest Christarose for a seamless, magnificent Conclave. I’m so proud of you and your wonderful team of volunteers. You are all amazing.  I loved every minute. I honour you and all you have achieved. Thank you. Food wonderful too. Room was perfect as advertised, quiet and comfortable. I AM TRULY GRATEFUL. Thank you for having Stephen too! Most appreciated.

Lots of Love Gaia -Rose from England

Thank you Christarose for once again bringing a space – peace to earth.

Love Cynthia from England


At first I was skeptical and it reminded me of a church, but as it continued I saw that this is REAL and by the third day, I was in JOY and BLISS. So just showed me I can still be in duality!

Now I know I am in GOD. So be it! Thank you for all ‘U’ beautiful Gods.

Rene from South Africa

Dear Christarose,

Mam & I forgot to hand in our feedback forms! So we just wanted to thank you all, again. Words are not adequate to describe how much it meant to us, but the closest I can get apart from Heaven, is Sublime! It was a weekend to be treasured always & one we will never forget. Thank you so much for everything & all your hard work.

We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Much Love, Light & Blessings to you & your treasured team. xxx

Mandy and Alexandrina (Irene) from Scotland


What a wonderful Conclave. Everything went so smoothly and such a beautiful atmosphere and the attention to every detail.  The Conclave booklet is an absolute gem and so colourful. The food and choice was excellent.

I cannot find any fault in anything over the weekend. Hotel staff were very helpful and friendly and attendees very happy with the whole weekend. Our wee group from Ireland just loved every minute.

Well done you for all your love and efforts in bringing this wonderful Conclave to Europe and beyond.

All my love to you and the team.

Maryrose  from N. Ireland xxxxx

Hello beautiful,

Thank you so much for another wonderful weekend at The I AM Family of Light Conclave.  Both Caroline and I returned home energized and very happy.  All the arrangements/organization that you and your team did went so smoothly and the love that fills the room at each event is quite amazing.  

We all know how hard you work to put these events together and I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts. Thank you again for everything you do. Much Love,

Sandy from Scotland.

Dear Christarose,

I just wanted to say Thank You for inviting me to become one of your fabulous team of love and lightworkers at the I AM Family of Light annual event.  What a truly wonderful weekend of absolutely Divine perfection! With love, love, love

Rosie from England X

Wonderful!! Bravo!! Thank you!!

Leila Lee –  from America

Dear Christarose,

Thank you so much for organising such an amazing weekend. It was truly wonderful and for me to receive The Sacred Order of the Diamond Purple Heart was just the most Uplifting experience l have ever had. I am so grateful to you, the Academy and Akasha for this wonderful experience. Much Love

Ed from England

Hi Christarose

Just a quick message to say it was lovely meeting you over the weekend. You really went to town and put on such a special event for us all to enjoy. Every detail, even down to the food that was chosen, it was all beautiful. A big thank you to you and all of your friends and volunteers for taking care of everyone. I will hopefully return next year Love and Best Wishes

Christine from England

Dear Christarose,

I didn’t have the energy and time to fill in your form in Ashford, so I’m sending you this now!

It was a great event, our first Conclave. Very intense, full of wonderful energies and deep information!! I AM grateful for the opportunity to attend and want to thank everybody involved from the bottom of my heart!

My thanks go in particular to Usa and Excalibur but just as much to you for providing the setting and having chosen this hotel some time ago.

Nevertheless I’d like to make a suggestion for the round up. It occurred to me already last year but this time it was much stronger on my mind after having had Master Jesus‘ important and serious pieces of information.

I felt it would have been good to round this off by singing the ‘Song of Joy‘ one more time before then entering into the ‘Raise me up‘. I don’t know how you feel about that but I experienced a certain gap between the intensity of the transmission and the different energy of ‘You raise me up‘.

Maybe you can give it a thought… Thank you! Love and light,

Angelika from Vienna, Austria.

Great Conclave, most resounding success and great star you are.

Love Antoinette from England

Hello dearest Christarose

All my love and gratitude to you and all the team for a truly elegant and majestic Conclave!

Love Amuraya from Australia.

Hello Christarose, 

An awesome weekend!  No other words needed...

Love, Yvonne from England

Dear Christarose,

Wonderful magnificent event indeed and lovely to meet you. I stayed a couple more days, went to London and I had fun time with a new member that came to the Academy.

Thank you for your loving light and devotion. It was a marvelous Conclave in all aspects. Thanks so much. Love & Light.

Kemi from Israel.

Hello Christarose,

Thank you with all my heart for arranging such an incredible Conclave. My friends and I from the Marsh are all still reeling with happiness and confidence. My love surrounds you.

Maureen from England.

Dear Sister,

What an AMAZING first Conclave, I cannot believe it has been and gone so quickly! Congratulations to you for the excellence of an unforgettable first Conclave …. Beautiful, Elegant, Joyful and Magic. I hope this helps to let you know how greatly you are loved and the respect that you are held in by so many, well done.

Endless love to Lady Christarose. In the One Heart of the one Love,

I am Victoriarose from England

My gratitude to ALL! Christarose, thank you for taking the shawl – that it bring you more Love the coming year!

Gratitude to the staff of the hotel. They look forward to seeing us all (because we bring kindness). Amazing Conclave. I feel honoured to be part of this and the Path. Many blessings.

Erica from the Netherlands


Words cannot describe my experience here. The language we have does not even begin to cover it. Thank you!

Helen from England

BRILLIANT and thank you.

Mary from England

A wonderful Conclave. Well organized. A Blessing and privilege to be present.

So beautiful a stage – such hard work and effort went into making the Temple special!  Thank you.

Denise from South Africa

It seems like we are finally taking off – making focused determinations towards our Resurrection and Ascension. The end is clear and in sight and that end will be our new beginning.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Michael from England

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