DoveFeedback 2017

Words do not express the magic and the blessings received from the Masters as well as the beautiful group of The I AM Family of Light!

What an amazing chef and all the support Team to make what was an incredible weekend.

Thank you and congratulations on all your effort and commitment to hosting The I AM Family of Light and the Love of Mother and Father Presence into our hearts and the Heart of Europe. Thank you.

Grace from America

I enjoyed the Conclave very much. Powerful transmissions and uplifting messages. I was blown away as I am every year. Thank you Christarose and the team for organising such an awesome weekend.
Thank you Usa and Excalibur for being the messengers for the Divine Host.
Love, love, love and gratitude.
Shila from England

Beloved Christarose,
What a Blessing it was to attend the Ascended Masters Conclave 2017. This was my first event attending in person and what a Blessing it was, from start to finish. I was filled with so much Love and such a sense of family. It was an honour to witness the Akasha Grand Council, to receive each and every gift and Blessing that the Ascended Masters so willingly bestowed upon us. Everything about the weekend was perfect. Christarose you are a credit too. The task of organising and preparing for such an event is a big one and it was a pleasure to meet you and watch you run the weekend, with the fabulous team.
You are an inspiration and I Thank you, I Thank you, I Thank you.
We will meet again xoxox
Catharine from N. Ireland

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Outstanding. Keep up the good work.
Food, venue, AWESOME.
Maria from America

Thank you so much. It’s the 2nd Ascended Master weekend I have attended. It is a Godsend. This last year has been very difficult and it helped lift me up and put me back on track. Having the recordings to listen to helps lift me and protect me. I felt overwhelming peace. I have had the experience of speeding up time when I’m late. I feel truly blessed and I know I must do the work to be protected and become an untouchable Christ being. Thank you so much. The whole weekend was magnificent.
Carol from England

This was my first Conclave. I loved every minute of it. Well organised. Beautifully decorated room, so much LOVE. Ample breaks and the food was delicious. Felt taken care of more than one level. Thank you, thank you, thank you (heart)
From irrational C!
Francoise from England

The weekend was wonderful. Great to have a package with the hotel for meals. The I AM Family of Light backdrop on the stage was amazing and use of the Flames coming up through the portraits of the Masters was wonderful.
Thank you for your work and all those volunteers who assisted with the event.
I have enjoyed coming and participating.
Heather from Canada

Thanks to the workers,
None of them shirkers.
Much Love to you all,
We had a ball.
Big hugs I propose
To dear Christarose,

Sophie from England

This was a most wonderful Conclave. Thanks to the organisers (Christarose etc) and the restaurant offering perfect food, the good atmosphere and last but not least, Thanks to the Messengers Usa and Excalibur.
I was personally impressed by the deep transmissions - full of colourful, astonishing and emotional pieces of information, guidance and love.
May we all be able to incorporate into our lives as much as possible, to carry the Light and let it shine. Thank you!
Angelika from Austria

Dear Christarose and all the beautiful roses in Kent,
I am sending you my gratitude for the beautiful Conclave in Kent that you prepared for us. The ‘Akasha Grand Council’ was just amazing with all the priceless gifts given by the Ascended Masters. It is a great honour for all of us to be a part of such an extraordinary Conclave.
You prepared for us an amazing atmosphere and pleasant staying with all the comfort from A-Z. There was the only choice - to enjoy and breathe in and out the precious moments with Mother Akasha, the Grand Council, Usa, Excalibur brothers and sisters and not least the beautiful voices and staff.
I just congratulate to all of you, and I am grateful for everything. Looking forward for the future Councils.
With Love and Blessings and a huge hug,
Ingrid from Slovakia

The Conclave was Awesome! Many of my understandings were confirmed. Now I know that I know, without a shadow of doubt. 
I am grateful for the sealing of the gifts and the exercises to accomplish the fulfilment of the decrees. 
The discourses were very relevant to our spiritual expansion and today’s experiences. I am truly grateful to Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, the Cosmic Masters, The Radiant Rose Academy and The I AM Family of Light". 
Beloved Lady Valerie from Trinidad and Tobago

Dear Christarose and Team,
Thank you for what has been another amazing Event in terms or organisation, presentation and content. Words can’t adequately express my gratitude to you for founding The I AM Family of Light here in Kent, over the last twelve years. This has propelled us forward on our own personal and planetary freedom through the many Truths revealed and gifts received from the Ascended Host, by Beloved Usa and Excalibur. The music presentations were fantastic. The hotel food is always lovely but especially this year! I liked the new Saturday evening dinner arrangements.
My Love and Blessings to you all,
Margaret from England

I came to this Conclave for the first time and I found it quite amazing, enlightening, and interesting. It has been very well put together.
The speakers are both fantastic and I would like to thank them for all their knowledge and sharing. They have worked very hard.
Lesley from England

It was an amazing experience and eye opener!
Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you all SOOOO much for organising.
Love and Gratitude,
Elsa from England.

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! We have been so blessed in every way by the Conclave, by the beautiful setting, the dedication and love of the Team of volunteers and Christarose and the dynamic teachings of the Masters and all Their gifts.
Also, ‘Thank you’ to the staff at the Hotel, and delicious buffet catering and for their attention to detail.
Finally, ‘Thank you’ to Beloved Usa and Excalibur, Mother Akasha and the Members of the Akasha Grand Council. We are so grateful and so blessed (3)
Anne from England

Congratulations to you Christarose and your perfect Team. I really believe this gathering was the Best ever. It seemed to run like clockwork.
Omashar, Kathleen and Stephen were amazing!!
I loved the duo – so very moving and just perfect for the occasion.
Our Messengers 1 and 2 are just going from strength to strength.
Mother Mary had me in tears as usual.
Beloved Lord Maitreya wiped out the left hip and knee problem that has been a nuisance for the last seven years!  Good riddance to Father’s ancestry!! Wow! Thank you M!!
I really cannot thank you and upstairs enough for putting this amazing weekend together. The hotel staff was discreet and very charming. I could go on forever in praise. God Bless you always. Namaste,
Maureen from England

How to put into words such a wonderful experience.
No human words, but real Gratitude and Love.
God bless you.
Maria from Portugal.

I am so grateful to the Masters, the Sisters and Brothers and The Family of Light, that have made possible our wonderful Conclave.
God bless all of you.
Jose from Spain

Truly amazing – these just get better and better.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I AM Michael from England

Humble and with Gratitude, I thank Christarose for organising this wonderful, important, lovely event, with Beloved Mother Akasha and Lord Asun, the Ascended Masters and all the other Great Beings of the Light.
Shirley from the Netherlands.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Cornelius from Amsterdam

Excellent event. Well-organised and beautiful ‘Temple’.
Good food and variety.
Thank you so much, ALL OF YOU for your time doing this!
Margareta from Norway

I just want to congratulate you, your Team, for this beautiful Conclave. It has been a great joy to be in the Family of Light of Europe.  We do not have all the vision of all we have received, but I can say it is Gigantic.
Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Joseph from France

It just blew me away.
Rosemary from N. Ireland

This was a magnificent weekend.
Organising, staffing wonderful.
Performers – music great.
9.5 out of 10. Perfections Flame (smiley face)
Harlan Lahti from Canada

Thank you for all your Love. It’s a Miracle.
With all my Light,
Stephane from France

Feel blessed as always to share this weekend with everyone… running smoother than ever – so congrats to all organisers and volunteers.  Feel embraced the moment we walked into the Temple environment.
Words fail me in my admiration of Usa and Excalibur, whose unfailing dedication and commitment is the mainstay to the Conclave, aside from the magnificent Ascended Masters.
Encouraged by all the enlightenment conveyed via the Presentations and Decrees.
Stephen Petch added terrific male energy to the entertainment. Well done Kathleen who looked beautiful and sang like an Angel and of course, not forgetting Omashar too.
Blessed to meet the many wonderful people from all over the globe.
Great news about Obama – faith restored.
Christine from N. Ireland

As always I loved the whole event – from the messages relayed – the joy of learning from the Ascended Masters to the music (simply wonderful this year). Beautiful voices – songs and last but certainly not least, the Temple room, where so much effort has been made to help us all feel safe and comfortable, and surrounded by friends.
Sandy from Scotland
God Bless You for all your efforts Christarose, we do all so appreciate it and love coming to these events.
Sandy from Scotland

Just fabulous. So grateful. It is so beautiful with all the flowers and pictures.
The warmth and the Love is most wonderful when we are greeted by the lovely Christarose and friends.
It couldn’t be better.
Upadhi from Sweden

I am SO grateful and blessed for the upliftment, gifts, blessings and prayers this weekend has given me. Absolutely amazing weekend, as always! THANK YOU. xx
Rosie from England

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