14th, 15th and 16th October 2016


Accredited Messenger for the Great Host of Light


Since the beginning of The I AM Family of Light Events in 2006, Usa has faithfully returned each year as the invited Accredited Messenger #1 for the Great Host of Light.

Usa and Excalibur are the Accredited Messengers for Akasha and Asun and their Dispensation of the Rose Pink Ray to the Earth, and through which all other Dispensations of the Great Host of Light communicate. In all the days forward now, the knowledge and messages being transmitted are ever more swift, advanced and dynamic.

Messenger # 1 – The Radiant Rose Academy

Usa is a life-long student of the Lost Knowledge and the accredited Messenger for the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun. Usa has dedicated his life for the past 17 years providing humanity with Their teachings, as well as transmitting the wisdom and guidance of the Ascended, Angelic and Cosmic Host.

Usa resides in Vancouver, Canada and travels extensively transmitting Their messages of Love and Light, inspiring and assisting people to empower and heal themselves, creating futures of infinite possibilities.

He has written three books, based on the teachings of Akasha and Asun, and is currently working on a fourth.

AKASHA is the Supreme Divine Mother of the Universe.

She is also the Great Central Sun’s Chohan of the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love, Will and Grace and as the Divine Will of the Infinite I AM Presence, Her authority extends over ALL other Flames that come from The Great Central Sun, from the Sacred White Fire Flame itself.

ASUN is Emissary to The Christ and is the Golden Ray of All Christ Illumination.

Usa is a  dedicated Messenger for the Ascended, Angelic and Cosmic realms of Light and Love.

Through their dispensation, the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun offer humanity the Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love, Will and Grace.

A wonderful Divine plan is unfolding for humanity and the Earth as we get closer to 2012, that continues to usher in the Seventh Golden Age.

This plan includes the over-lighting assistance of the Ascended and Angelic host and offers us the Presence of Christ Emmanuel’s Golden Ray of Illumination, Saint Germain’s Violet Ray of Purity and Transformation and Akasha’s Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love, Will and Grace.

Akasha and Asun continue to offer us what has often been referred to as the ‘Lost Knowledge’ or the ‘Ascended Master Teachings’, revealing the nature of who we are, our consciousness and the use of the Universal powers of Light, Love and the Sacred Fires.  Their messages are life changing and range from personal empowerment to spiritual empowerment; the undoing of limiting appearances in our lives and the attainment of victory and success in All that we wish to change, create and accomplish in our lives upon the Earth.